relief camp & charity-fund

  • KGNWT is an aid and development charity with over 8 years of grass-roots experience
  • That helps low income families to alleviate their poverty and suffering by taking care of their basic necessities of food, water, shelter, health, education and employment – all without compromising their dignity.
  • In addition, it also rapidly implements emergency humanitarian relief in areas that have been struck by calamity.
  • Your generosity has meant that the work we have undertaken has surpassed all expectations.
  • The care you have shown for the most needy encourages and makes us duty-bound to accomplish our projects with dedication and sincerity.
  • Millions of salaam to the such humanism those who are stepping up taking the some respected quality in the world….
  • Those who have offered the good services to the Almighty in the mortal world and make their ambitions to help and get the help done from others to the poor and helpless with their every efforts, the things like for themselves also like their brothers, such type of people are only and only the services of God, from whom services not only one person but also the whole family has been benefited.


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