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khawaja garib nawaz welfare trust ki janib se jarurat mand logo ko free medicin aur medical camp ka yaojan kia jata hai. 

medical camp ka yaojan kia jata hai. free medicin 1 yer 3 time (1) 15 august (2) 26 january (3 )chisti ustaw march total 1 yer rs.3 lakh rupees free medicin any people
KGNWT held a Free Medical Camp in Thar in 2016 (one of the poorest areas in surat). Previously, KGNWT had also held a free medical camp in surat. Just one of many such areas in india needing urgent help.
india is one of the highest ranking countries where people are still getting affected by preventable diseases such as tuberculosis, polio and malaria while non-communicable diseases are also increasing considerably.
Over 1,000 people attended the recent Thar camp which provided free consultation, medicines, rations, blankets and a hot meal.


Our Mission Mantra— “HUMANITY FIRST” guides us to serve the entire humanity irrespective of caste, creed or color or economic status of our prospective customer. The only SWARTH (self motive) we are having is our INNER SATISACTION.
Our services are formulated to serve our esteemed customers on the line of such humanitarian activities carried out by the medical department of. Our organization (KGNWT) is not a charitable institute. It does these activities on the basis of SEVA with SWARTH/SWARTH with SEVA. Hence, anybody and everybody is welcome to avail our services without any kind of hesitation or feeling of loosing self esteem.

KGNWT knows the desperate need to provide these health services to those that can least afford them and, with your generous support, would like to undertake many more free medical camps in the most deprived areas, especially to deal with chest and lung problems such as TB

Every society is destined to face the problems of looking after the welfare of the sick, the weak, the destitute and the needy. All societies are alike in this respect. One way of assessing the status of a society on the road to civilization is the value accorded to an individual and his basic human needs. These have not always received the attention they deserve in the planning of economics, particularly in developing countries. Most of the available resources are consumed by defense needs and pressing demands for technological progress


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